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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I become a client?

Contact us by filling out the contact form on the home page. Tell us about yourself and the type of services you are requesting  (i.e., I want to start a business or I want to start a non-profit organization or I want to apply for a grant). You will be contacted back via an email message or phone call within 48 hours to discuss your project. 

Can I apply for a grant without a 501 c 3?

No, in most cases, a grant funder will require the organization have a 501 c 3 tax-exempt status before they will award a grant. In order to qualify for grant funding, you will need a 501 c 3 Letter of Determination as an approved non-profit from the IRS. For a reasonable fee, our team can complete the required 501 c 3 application and documents for the your state and the IRS with your cooperation.   

Can I pay the grantwriting fee after we receive a grant?

No, the grant writing fee is paid upfront. The grantseeking and grantwriting process is very time consuming. Our grant writer and team spend significant hours researching potential grant opportunities to match them with the goals and mission of clients. After this stage, writing the grant proposal can take up several weeks or months depending on the complexity of the proposal. 

Therefore, Success Makers Associates requires clients have a paid retainer on file with us before we begin the grant seeking and grantwriting process. The grant retainer is non-refundable. The retainer covers the hours dedicated by the company toward grant research and grant writing. 

Each retainer is good for one (1) completed and submitted grant project. The grant world is very competitive; and our grant projects score very well on average. However, we cannot guarantee that every grant project we submit to a funder will be funded. 

Over the past 15 years, Success Makers Associates' CEO has written over 15 million dollars in grants for our clients-A strong track record for success. Contact us for your grant writing services. We will be happy to tell you more about our reasonable grant retainer fee. We have the qualifications and the experience you need. 

Is there a post-grant award relationship with Success Makers Associates?

Yes, Success Makers Associates business model includes a partnership relationship criteria that allows our grants team leader, usually the CEO or a CEO designee, to serve as the technical assistance partner for the grant once its approved with the cooperation of the client. 

This professional partnership is formed between the company and client prior through a professional services contract that is submitted to the Executive Director and the organization's Board of Directors for approval before the grant proposal is finalized and sent to the potential funder. 

Success Makers Associates' grants management fees are based on the size and scope of the grant project, but usually range between 5% - 15 % of the grant award per year for professional services that will be provided to the client on a monthly or quarterly basis by Success Makers Associates' staff to ensure the client is in compliance with all of the funders requirements, reporting, regualtions. and outcomes.

Grant management fees are paid from the grant award and begins after the grant is funded. Should the grant not be funded, the client does not pay grant management fees.

How can Success Makers Associates help me start a business?

Yes, our CEO and team have many years of experience helping clients start their own business. Starting a business is a decision not to be entered into lightly. Before you decide to start a business, ask yourself, "Am I willing to put in the long hours it will take to make my business successful?"

Then, ask yourself, "Does my business idea have a strong potential (competitive edge) for success in the area where I want to start the business?" For example, Susan wants to open a hair salon in the small town where she lives. Currently, the town has 5 hair salons serving the customers she hopes to target. 

Susan should ask herself what will be special about her salon to drive customers to her salon. If the answer is, nothing much will be different, she may want to re-think starting a hair salon business in the town.

Can I get a grant to start my business?

In a few very limited cases, grant funders may fund a business start-up. However; most new business owners will need to be prepared to fund their new business either from their own personal funds and assistance from friends and family or apply for a small business loan. 

The Small Business Administration (sba.org) provides financial backing for loans made by banks to small business owners who meet their credit score requirements. Expect to need a score of at least in the 640 - 660 range to potentially qualify for a small business loan depending on the chosen bank requirements and the size of the loan you are requesting. The higher your credit score the better chance you have of getting a better interest rate on the loan than you would with a lower credit score. 

Our team of small business consultants can help you by preparing a professional business plan for your new company for you to present to your banker or a SBA-approved lender. We can also help you get in touch with banks that have a high approval rate for SBA loans.

If you truly have a burning passion to open a business that's needed and exciting enough to draw a strong customer base, then you should "do it!"  Contact us and we will guide though the process  and help you start your business for a very reasonable fee.